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Ditching Depression to Manifest Dreams

Domino Thinking | June 12, 2019

Melissa is a single mama who who ditched an executive corporate job and a lifetime of depression to follow her dreams. She is writing, editing, and promoting her way to success for herself and others.

Collaboration Vs. Competition

Beyond Homo Sapien | December 18, 2018

Jobs of the future and businesses that lean more towards collaboration with others instead of competing with others very well could have the upper hand when it comes to material success. Melissa Drake and I are diving into why this is the case.

Mindset and Remaining Positive

Local Marketing Made Simple | July 23, 2017

She has a passion for words, writing, positive energy, and helping others recover from life’s tough transitions. She knows from personal experience, it’s important to live your own truth over the truth others have prescribed for you. She also knows writing helps heal your own hurts from the past.

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